A Peculiar Chain of Unrelated Dreams

A Peculiar Chain of Unrelated Dreams

I realized I was on a granite road. I had never driven on a granite road before, never mind even see one. It looked more like I was driving on the castle grounds from Mario 64 instead of a road in Palmer.

Either way, I kept on driving. The unfamiliarity of my surroundings kept me awake and interested. It was so strange to me how the woods were on the left and the river was on my right. Usually, on this road, the woods were between the road and the river. It must have up and changed while I was at school. I’ve never known roads to spontaneously move.

As I drove I saw a small wall start to form gradually in the woods on my left. It turned from a few conveniently placed stones to a miniature wall, which kept getting taller and taller with every few feet I would drive. As the wall gained the height of my car, the woods started to deplete and a few feet later the wall was all I could see on my left side.
The wall grew to be at least 15 feet tall. Now it really looked like I was at the castle. The river to my right didn’t change much, if anything its bed lowered a bit, making a bigger drop from the edge of the road to its surface.

Suddenly in front of me I saw two orange traffic cones. Behind them was a step in the road about three feet tall. I pulled up to the cones and stayed still with my foot on the brake. What to do?

What… to do.

It all clicked. I sat up straight in my seat and pulled my wheel back and felt my Cutlass jerk a little bit. I felt the back axle lift, I pulled a little further back on the wheel and my front end lifted up. I was a little bit wobbly at first, but I managed to channel Doc Brown by the time I was a few feet in the air.

I must have flown for hours. I don’t really remember the course I took. I wish I did though. I must have traded consciousness for that time being. When I came back to, I was at the foot of my to-be new driveway in Fairhaven with my buddy Jordan who I must have picked up along the way. I thought I had remembered a farm being there, but another friend of mine, Caitlin, had decided to build a house where the cow pasture used to be. I was on my way to her house warming party.

“Where should I park?” I asked as I carefully poked my head out of my car, I was at least 30 feet in the air.

“Anywhere is fine, just try to not to park on the roof!”

I gestured compliance and took my car down. I had never learned how to park. “Goddamn man slow down!” Jordan exclaimed as we came down. “Plummeted” might be the better word. I jerked my wheel forward and slammed my brakes. I slowed down enough but still managed to put my whole front end through her roof loft.

“Shit,” I croaked as I just barely got out of my front seat. “You good?” Jordan was small and nimble enough to squeeze through the little space provided to him. “Yeah, what are you going to do about this though?”

I thought that maybe she wouldn’t notice. I shook my head and threw my hand up and motioned away from the car. Jordan and I tiptoed down the side of the house to the front door and we met up with our friends.

The house was pretty cool. I hadn’t seen a house like this anywhere other than Amherst or Northampton. The paint job was the same color scheme I’m used to seeing on the dresses of the hippie girls I went to high school with. Purple, orange, yellow, painted in patterns like tapestry.

Caitlin showed us inside and to my surprise, the colors inside the house were pretty boring compared to the outside. It threw me off, I knew Caitlin to prefer more of the spectrum of what the outside of her house looked like.

She gave us the tour, showed us the kitchen, the bathroom, the yard, the works. We were on our way to the stairs when we hit the spot right at the bottom of the stairs. This is when I saw it, the loveseat to end all loveseats. It was plump and broken in, purple and dark green. I looked at Jordan and he knew just as much as I did, THIS was the chair. It was as if I had been looking for this chair the whole time.

Yelping like a monkey I climbed on top of it, Jordan following my lead.

“Isn’t this chair awesome?” Caitlin said laughing as she walked back into the room. “Just don’t front flip onto it, that’s all I ask!”

“No problem,” I promised. “We’ll meet you guys upstairs.”

Caitlin led the troupe back upstairs. I backed up a few paces so I could get a running start. I started slow and paced my steps carefully, then a foot away from the chair I jumped and tucked. I went head first into the cushion, but instead of hitting it I went right through it. It was a portal.

I shot up in my bed. What a dream I must have had. I got up and left the room. I needed to tell somebody about it. My roommate Sarah must have just woken up too because she was coming down the stairs. As I told her she gave me a modest “wow!” with an undertone of a “you have two heads right now” look.

I went back into my room to lie back down, and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the way. My eyes began to spread apart. Was this neverending?


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