Celeb Encounters

At the announcement of three we all grab our shots. Lick, ‍toss, bite. The tequila runs down the back of my throat ‍causing‍ a warm sensation in my stomach. After a few seconds of making sure that shot wasn’t going to travel back up I turn to my roommates. “Shall we dance?” I ask with a wiggle of my eye brows.
The tequila has me feeling loose and ready for fun. We all connect hands and head out towards the dance floor. ‍I lead, weaving us between sweaty bodies.‍ The club is ultra ‍chic‍. We got in VIP thanks to a promoter on the street; otherwise we never could have afforded the cover at this place. ‍Talk Dirty to Me by Jason Durulos is blasting and lights are flashing. ‍We shove our way through the crowd until I find a small opening.
I swivel my hips ‍and let my brain surrender to the beat.‍ Time seems to stop as I get caught up in the ‍movements. My legs burn and the heat makes me dizzy. I need fresh air. “Ill be right back” I shout at my roommates. I shove my way to the balcony at the far end of the club.‍ I lean against the reeling and catch my breath while the breeze cools down my heated skin. When I feel better I decide to grab some water. I walk towards the bar. My roommates are on the other side of the bar, flirting with a group of men. As I wait for the bartender to take my order I start to dance again.

Suddenly I feel ‍warm hands on my hips. With a little liquid courage, I am feeling less defensive of my personal space. I allow this stranger to come along for the ride. It is Vegas after all. As I move my body to the music the mystery man behind me follows with his hips. We are front to back and I can’t see his face. I know he is tall because I can feel his knees are bent. The smell‍ of sweat‍ and cologne fill my nose as we dance to the music.
We dance for a few songs until Timber by Ke$ha comes on for the third time of the night. I take a deep breath and turn around to see my mystery man. Bright blue eyes stare back at me. I examine his dirty blond hair ‍perfectly tousled on top‍ of his head. My eyes travel down to see the stubble on his chin just before I find myself looking at a pair of lips turned up into a smirk. “Well hello there” ‍his‍ deep voice says pulling me out of my lust filled haze.
I open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out. Here I stand in front of none other than ‍Liam Hemsworth! ‍ My heart pounds and my palms sweat. I try and remain calm and not go “fan girl” all over the poor man. “Wanna get some air” he states, saving me from my awkward self. I shut my mouth that I didn’t realize was still open and nod my head yes. He grabs my hand and leads the way out of the club.
By the time we weave our way out of the club I’ve calmed down a bit. “So… you obviously know who I am, but what’s your name?” he asks.
“M—m-Megan” I stutter mentally slapping myself for being so lame.
“Well Megan it’s nice to meet you.”
“What’re you doing here” I finally ask.
“Well I came to have some fun and dance, now I’m talking to you… What are you doing here?” he repeats my question back at me with a raised brow.
“Oh, I’m on spring break with my roommates” I reply feeling more comfortable.
He nods his head before replying “I think I’m done clubbing for the night, want to do something else?” he asks.
I nod and take his had, following him to the limo that awaits us on the street.
“Where are we going?” I ask after the limo leaves the curb.
“Secret” he says.
We pull up to and airport where a small jet is waiting. I turn to him in awe. He shrugs and looks sheepish as he replies “I figured we could take a short ride around the city, I could use the distraction.” After we are up in the sky Liam unbuckles his seat and moves next to me. We sit in comfortable silence as we stare out the window. The beautiful light illuminates the street down below. Liam finally breaks the silence

“So first time in Vegas?” he asks
“Yeah, just needed some fun.”‍ I reply as I look at him he as a pained look on his face‍.
“Yeah me too, I’m afraid I don’t get much of that these days with work and other stuff.”
As the conversation continues Liam finally divulges the secrets of his past relationship.
“She just wasn’t good for me anymore, too crazy. Not down to earth like you” he smiles at me.
Good to his word it is just a short ride. As I look to my phone I realize I have 13 missed calls from my friends. “Did you tell them you were leaving” he asks looking to my phone. I shake my head. “We should probably get back” I reply. Liam moves back to his seat and buckles as we prepare to land. I stare out the window wishing this wouldn’t end. ‍
We land and Liam opens the door to his limo. “I hope you don’t mind but I rather we kept this between us.” He states as we near the club. “Oh yeah sure” I reply with disappointment.
“Where the hell have you been?!” my friends yell.
“I needed air then I couldn’t find you” I lie.
They huff and turn around giving me the cold shoulder as my phone buzzes.

It was nice meeting you Megan, lets do it again sometime.


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