Spider Gates Continued

At this distance I have a clear view. I know I should turn to run but my feet won’t move. I’m transfixed by the figure in front of me. The veil like fabric casts a shadow over its face. Through the shadow shines two bright blue eyes. Eyes so blue that I cant seem to look away. Those eyes stare at me unblinkingly. A screech breaks my daze and I’m confused before I remember my friends. I spin to look behind me… nothing. Frantically my eyes search the sea of blackness for any sign of Meaghan or Mikki. Shivers rack my body as I realize they are gone. I turn back to face the figure in front of me.


“They’re gone” the creature says to me .

“What the hell did you do with them!?”

It steps towards me and I can see the only response the figure has is a smirk firmly planted on his face. Finally my self preservation skills kick in and I turn and bolt in the opposite direction. My breathing is so heavy I can’t hear anything else. My heart threatens to explode out of my chest as I run from this figure. I can’t see anything. Tombstones become visual in just enough time for me to avoid running into them. I’m so concentrated on avoiding tombstones that I trip over a branch that has fallen from the tree above. I hit ground and pain bursts in my hip. “Fuck!” I yell and roll over. The pain distracts me from what I was running from. “Shit, Shit, Shit” I chant as I remember the danger all around me. I gather every once of strength I have and try to stand. I reach up and place my hand on the tombstone to my right. I apply pressure to my right hand and push myself up to a standing position.

Looking around I’m shocked to find nothing. The trees sway with the gently breeze of the wind. The trees are the only movement or sound offered in the cemetery. The silence may be worse. Taking a deep breath I try to gather my thoughts. No point in running back into the cemetery. With that realization I head for the gate again. My pace is a fast walk. The pain in my hip is preventing me from running. The speed allows me extra time to search my surroundings. Still alone. The sound of leaves crunching stops me dead in my tracks. I turn my head slowly and am met wit the piercing blue eyes once again. A smile appears on the creatures face and my stomach drops at the visual. The little teeth that still remain are rotten and brown. The stench is so bad there is only one way to describe it—death.

“Looking for me?” the deep voice taunts.

My only response is a scream before I run back towards the direction I came from. The pain in my hip fades away as my desire to live overtakes me. As I run I see the figure appear and disappear before my eyes. I look to the right—he’s there. I look to my left—he’s there. I feel the hands of fear around my throat as I struggle for breath. Never in my life have I run this far or fast but I can’t let that deter me. “Stop wasting your time” the voice continues to taunt me. I pound my feet into the ground in search of a way out. Where the hell are my friends!?

Before I know it I’m standing in front of a wall. I frantically search for another gate to get me out of this hell but there is nothing in sight. I guess there’s no other choice. I think before turning and running back where I came. The figure is nowhere in sight and the fact that my friends are missing is starting to make me panic. With my eyes down I sprint making sure not to trip over anything. I don’t want to keep running in circles so quickly turn left hoping it will lead me to another exit. That’s a mistake. I stop and realize that I am surrounded by trees. The trees hide the moon covering the already dark area in almost complete blackness. I turn to leave and something jumps out from behind a tree making me scream. The darkness that surrounds me makes the figure look like a shadow. It found me. A whimper escapes my lips and I whip my body around to get away from the attacker. I suddenly run straight into warm flesh. I fall straight to the ground from the force of the contact. Once again pain shoots up my hip. I yelp in pain and look up at the culprit.

“What the fuck” I state in shock.

“You should see your face right now” Mikki says out of breath, while she’s bent over laughing. I look over to see Meaghan in a similar position.

“What the hell is going on!?” I yell.

“Well I wanted to fuck with you so me and Meg pretended to follow you when you took off like a crazy person, then we hid. We figured we’d freak you out for a little bit” . “But… I…you… that man..” I say while stumbling over my words while unshed tears fill my eyes.

“Woah woah woah what’s going on?” Meaghan asks with a concerned face.

“There was a figure, he chased me, and I thought you guys were dead” I say launching myself at them. The relief is instant once they’re in my arms.

“Meg there is no one here but us” Meaghan tells me.

“No I swear it. He—“ I start to say when a deep voice makes me freeze mid sentence.

“Oh what a happy reunion” the voice states making me freeze in place.

“What the hell is that” Meaghan whispers not turning around.

“Allow me to introduce myself” the gravely voice says.




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