I lay my head back with my face to the sky. The sun beats down on my body. I relax my body into the picnic blanket. A sigh escapes my lips as I turn to look at my date. Eric lays to my right. Slowly he raises himself up onto one elbow so he is looking down at me. I turn my head back to the sky so I can I peer up at him. His brown hair falls down in front of his face. I reach up and push his hair away from his eyes. It is then that I notice Eric’s eyes are focused on my lips. He’s going to kiss me. I close my eyes and pucker my lips as I wait in anticipation for the feel of his lips on mine.

“When I think about you I think about 17….”

Wait is he singing right now?


I open my eyes to see him suddenly playing the guitar and singing.


When did he get that? I think confused.

Whatever I could listen to his voice all day.

I relax back into the blanket and let the music surround me.

“When I think about you I think about 17…”

Yeah you just said—

Before I get a chance to finish my thought I feel a plush object smack me in the face. What the hell. I shoot up from my laying position and search around the dimly lit room. My eyes land on a very angry Steven. “Shut that damn ringtone off before I break your phone in half” my brother yells at me before turning around and stomping out of the room.

“When I think about you I think about 17…” Eric Church continues to sing at me through my phone. “Seriously shut the damn thing off!” Steven screams from his room next door. Groggily I reach around feeling for my phone. Finally I find my phone that I’ve been sitting on the whole time and check the screen. I grunt in frustration as I see Mikki’s name and a picture of us from Halloween flash across my screen. “WHAT!?” I yell at her.

“Where the hell are you? Its 11:30 you’re supposed to be at the diner with me. The twins are going to be here any minute!”

Damn I moan as I throw my blankets off my legs. I swing my legs over the edge of the bed and my feet are met with cold hardwood. I stomp down the stairs in protest as I head for the shower.As I’m heading down the stairs I hear noise coming from the living room.

Hm that’s weird no one should be home besides me and Steven.

Rounding the corner at the bottom of my stairs I see a figure quickly run past me and out the door. Steven’s in bed so who the hell is that? Shock runs through me as I try and decide my next course of action. Do I run after him? Call the police? Go get Steve? I’m wasting time with my mind made up I run out the door after the assailant.

Clad in boxer shorts and a tank top my bare feet bound down the stairs as adrenaline runs through my veins. I fling the door open with enough force to make it bounce of the wall behind it.

My assailant is casually walking down the drive way. Under one arm he holds my dads laptop, in the other he holds my brothers XBOX. The man is about my height 5’8” and bulkier than I am. He’s dressed in all black. I come to a quick halt. Maybe if I stay quiet he won’t realize I’m behind him.

Trying to be as quiet as possible I tiptoe up to him. I’m several feet away when I step on a tree branch that has fallen off the large tree in my yard. So much for being quiet. The man turns around slowly and we lock eyes. Shock flashes across his face before he turns to run. I’m one step ahead of him and already started running. He turns left and heads towards the park down the road. Running after him, I take the turn a little too quick and loose my balance. I straighten up and keep after him. The asphalt is tearing up the bottoms of my feet.

My assailant turns and looks at me. Obviously not familiar with the neighborhood, he runs straight into the small fence that surrounds the park. His thighs hit the fence as his top half tumbles over it. He lands on his back. With the wind knocked out of him he lays motionless. I hop over the fence and reach for the laptop and XBOX. He tries to roll out of the way but I sit on top of him. We struggle for a little bit. People in the park stare at us in confusion.

Little help here!? I mentally yell.

Just then I look up to see a police car driving by. This is one of the only times I am happy for the drug traffic that goes through this park. It means constant police surveillance. The police show up and the man makes a last attempt to throw me off him and run. He succeeds in rolling me off of him but as he goes to run away I stick my foot out, successfully making the man face plant into the grass.

I pick up my possessions. The cops run over throwing the man into cuffs as I sit down on the hood of the cop’s car telling my story.After all is said and done, I turn to head home with the laptop and XBOX tightly tucked under my arms.As I enter the house again Steven stands in the kitchen. “What the hell are you doing” he says as I walk past him

Rolling my eyes, I shove the items into his chest and head for the shower. I’m already late.


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