Spider Gates

I stare out the window of the 2006 Ford Focus and see nothing but darkness. The desolate road is covered in shadow as we glide down the winding path. “Almost there” Meaghan says from the front seat. All the passengers in the car are quiet. Anticipation is like tape covering our mouths. The car rolls to a stop and we all inhale deeply. “Is everyone ready?” I ask. I look around in time to see the nods of agreement from my friends. “Let’s do this” Mikki says next to me.
The doors swing open as we step outside of the car on the side of the road. We have about a half mile walk to our destination. Due to all the unwanted visitors the cemetery is constantly patrolled by police. We trek our way in the direction of Spider Gates, an old cemetery in Leicester, Massachusetts. The legend states that there are six gates throughout the cemetery. The seventh gate is hidden. Finding the seventh gate means finding the gate to hell. People from surrounding towns come to the cemetery in search of the seventh gate. Multiple haunted stories have evolved. Chills run up my spine at the thought of a supernatural encounter. Don’t be ridiculous, there’s no such thing as ghosts. I chastises myself.
There’s a bite in the air and I wrap my cardigan tightly around my body. The trees that line the road sway in the breeze as we approach the first gate. When we arrive in front of the gate I stop to stare at it. Not as cool as I thought it’d be. It’s barely even a gate. There is just a small gab inbetween two stone walls. I was expecting a huge rod iron gate with creepy gargoyle statues on either side. Psh this is nothing. I take a step towards the entance and suddenly feel pressure on my shoulder accompanied by a quick “AH”. I scream and turn around to find my friend doubled over in laughter. “Damn, you’re too easy Meg” Mikki says in tears. “Whatever”, I grumble as we enter the cemetery.
The ground is littered with old looking headstones. There are some flowers placed about the grass. As we continue to walk through the cemetery I run my fingers over one of the headstones. The cool surface sends goose bumps up my arms. Shaking them off I continue to walk. Mikki is in front and Meaghan is in the back. We walk in a line through the gravesite. Suddenly an idea strikes me. Mikki is looking around not paying attention. I now have a chance to get my revenge. She stops short to look at a particular headstone and I take this opportunity to creep up behind her. I crouch down and grab her ankle making her trip and scream. “Motherfucker” she yells as I fall over laughing. Meaghan quickly follows my lead and soon the air is filled with the sound of our laughter. “That’s what you get”, I say in-between breaths.
Mikki has yet to say anything so I take a second to look up. She is sitting on the ground, face pale white. Following her line of sight I look to see the old, worn out headstone tipped over. “Oh shit” Meaghan and I say in unison. “Yeah, oh shit, lets get outta here” MIkki says. I look around out of habit to see if there’s anyone around. The eerie silence fills the surrounding black space. I turn to look back at Mikki who is just starting to stand. Just then a dark shadow moves quickly behind Mikki but directly in me and Meaghan’s line of sight .“DID YOU SEE THAT?!” I yell.
“See what?” Meaghan asks.
“Something just ran by us I swear” I answer shakily.
“Yeah, okay Meg, you’re just spooked cause of the headstone. Now lets go before the cops show up and we get into deep shit” Mikki replies.
I swallow hard and turn to leave. “Yeah, you’re right, lets get out of here” I say as Mikki brushes her pants off and steps in front of me. Meaghan follows suit and I’m stuck in the back of the line. Oh hell no I think as I run to the front. My brain is on overdrive. I definitely saw something. What the hell was that? No, no it’s in my head. Just keep walking right foot, left foot breath, okay don’t breath that much. I start to feel light headed due to my slight panic attack. I walk stiff, but quickly towards the exit, frantically looking left and right.
I see a spark of light out of the corner of my eye and decide that’s the last straw. The collective screams from my friends are the deciding factor. With that we all take off in a sprint towards the entrance. This isn’t real, this isn’t real, this isn’t real I repeat in my head. I can hear the heaving breaths from my friends along with the crunch of the leaves under our feet as we run to entrance. I see the gate in the distance. Just a few more seconds and we will be out. Everything around me disappears as I focus on getting out of here.
Staring at the ground I continue to run trying to avoid tripping. I leap over tree branches and dodge headstones as I approach my exit. Just before I’m home free I look up. Standing before me is a dark figure. Black fabric hangs over him in form of a veil. The fabric sways in the wind as I freeze mid step. I stumble a bit before righting myself and examining the creature in front of me. Its frame is tall and skinny. It stands stoically staring. I feel as though I’m in a Harry Potter movie staring at a dementor. The fear is crippling. I’m not able to see the figures face but I don’t think that I want to.
“Going somewhere” the figure grumbles at me


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