Bad Boys

The smell of bug spray and beer fills my nose. Beer cans and red solo cups litter the ground. Tonight ‍we celebrate our last day of high school. The alcohol flows in a steady stream as the chatter grows loud. Sitting in a nice neat circle at the top of a steep hill‍ is the class of 2010. I look down at my beer and start to relax. Looking ahead of me I start to memorize the ‍totem ‍‍poll‍ standing proudly in the center of our circle. ‍As my eyes wander to the top‍ of the poll I see a beer box proudly placed at the peak ‍of the pole‍. It is a tradition done at every party here on top of The Hill.
A bright light catches my eye and I flinch. You’re just paranoid I think to myself. Apparently I am not the only one to see the light. “Quit messing around we know you ain’t the cops” one of my classmates yells from behind me. That’s when a loud authoritative voice speaks into a microphone “Everyone freeze”. Everyone glances around quickly before they scatter off into the woods, but ‍I ‍freeze momentarily. People swoosh by me and I cannot move. My senses are assaulted with, the people, the cops, and the noises. Frantically I consider my options.
There are two paths down the hill. The one behind me currently has one hundred kids barreling down it. I decide my chances of being trampled on that path are the same as my chances of being caught on the other one. My escape route ‍winds down the hill‍ in front of me. Cops are sprinting up it. My survival senses kick in and I know what I have to do.

I charge at the cops. If I hadn’t been in such a rush, I would’ve stopped to laugh at the looks on their faces. Each one of them is staring at me in disbelief. A look that clearly states this girl is crazy.
I sprint across the small field that sits on top of the hill in the direction of my escape route. Two cops come after me on opposite sides. As I duck they smash heads and fall to the ground with an UMPH. With no time to consider it, I jump ‍over the two cops groaning on the ground. The path is only a few feet away.  ‍After reaching the small entrance to the path‍, I am starting to believe I can really do this. I hear rustling and look to my right just in time to see a cop step out of the woods and reach for me. In a move that could rival Michael Jackson I lean back, just barley escaping his hands. My back hand touches the soft grass and I push myself back up right. The police officer stumbles from the momentum of his missed attack and I take the opportunity to run past him.

In front of me is a line of five or so cops. ‍The police are yelling at the kids who are sitting on the ground staring at them terrified. Apparently these classmates never made it to the top. They are completely blocking my way. I hear voices yell “Stop her!” from behind me. I turn and see the police I’ve evaded heading down the hill. I whip my head back around and that’s when I spot a branch. Aw what the hell I think as I leap up and grab it. Using my momentum I swing myself up and over the large group of people. I hit the ground hard and stumble a little bit but recover quickly. “Who was that!? Get her!” I hear one of the cops yell.
A cocky smile ‍spreads across my face and I continue my descent down the hill. My legs burn at the effort it takes to run down the hill and keep my balance. I’ve made it this far, no way I am going down now I say to myself. I sidestep a tree and leap over a branch. Unfortunately I don’t see the rock in front of me and I trip. I stand, and start to run again. Fortunately the fall didn’t reduce the distance between the police and I. Ahead of me I see the street lights at the bottom of the hill. I’m almost home! I can’t believe it! I’m going to get away with this. I run out through the trees at the bottom of the hill and quickly cross the street.

After jumping into a set of bushes I crouch down and watch as I desperately try to catch my breath. The men in uniform run after me in the opposite direction. After I know they are gone I calmly get up and walk to my house. As I enter the living room I see my dad on the couch. “How was your night honey” he asks me not looking away from the T.V. ‍“Oh it was boring” I reply with a smirk on my face. ‍I return to my room and peer out the window. Blue lights flash from the road below as they question my classmates. ‍I close the curtains and laugh.
Suddenly I feel pressure on my right elbow. I am aware of myself being pulled. It takes a second for the fog to fade from my mind. “Really? Can you walk and stop making me pull you all the way? You didn’t even try to run, don’t get all resistant on me now” a male voice says to me. I slowly turn and to my surprise a pair of eyes shaded by a police hat are staring at me. He pulls me over to the other kids and sits me down. I’m still in shock by how vivid my day dream was. Really I didn’t even run?!  I guess as it turns out the answer to the question “whatcha gonna do when they come for you” in my case is nothing.


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