Bad to the Bone


When my parents dropped me off at my grandparents’ house they told me to be a good girl. “Play with your cousin and stay out of trouble,” Mommy said. Her directions seemed easy enough. Or at least they did until I realized all my cousin was going to want to do was nap. Seriously? It’s a gorgeous day outside but we’re stuck inside with a few toys expected to entertain us.

My parents had barely closed the door behind them when I heard that rotten word slip from Grandma’s mouth.

Spoiled?! Did I hear her right? I am not spoiled. My mommy and daddy loving me does not make me spoiled. If anyone is spoiled it’s my cousin, Bubba. Grandma treats him like a king. All he does is lay around on the couch sleeping all day. At least I brighten their day by coming over here and running around cutely. What do you think Auntie Marissa would be doing today if Mommy hadn’t asked her to watch me? It wouldn’t be nearly as fun as playing with me.

Where is Auntie, anyway? She should be watching me.

I take a look around the living room. Peeking around the coffee table, I spot my target. There she is on the couch. She looks pretty occupied with that book…here’s my chance. It’s now or never. I slowly sneak towards her room. With a little push to her door, I’m in! Auntie’s room is my favorite. She always has so much stuff lying on her floor. If I look hard enough I’ll find what I’m here for. I take three steps into her room and see her open bag. What’s that sticking out? Tissue!

“Belle?” Auntie calls out to me.

No! She noticed I’m missing. I quickly grab a tissue from her bag and tear it apart as much as I can before I hear the dreaded sound of the door opening more.

“Belle! Stop it!” she says in her best commanding voice as soon as she sees the shreds of tissue blanketing her bedroom floor.

She is so silly when she talks like that. As she tries to catch me I run away. Look at that funny face she’s making! I knew she’d have fun with me today. I race into Grandma’s room, waiting for Auntie to admit defeat.

“Belle,” she calls. “Want it?”

That’s what Mommy and Daddy say when I’m about to get a snack! I didn’t know she having this much fun with me! I run to her in the living room, careful not to drop my tissue. I stop at her feet waiting.

“Ha!” she says, as she grabs me and pulls the tissue out from my grasp. She only puts me down when Grandma brings in the basket of clean laundry. Auntie begins helping her fold.

But what about my treat? Maybe if I help I’ll get one. I watch patiently because I know what comes next. One of them is going to drop something and I’ll pick it up like a good little girl. I watch as Grandma shakes out a sheet, dropping a sock in the process.

I snatch it away. I’m about to drop it in the basket when I realize it’s the perfect toy to fix my boredom.

“What does she have in her mouth?” I hear Grandma ask Auntie. She looks at me closely and sighs. “Is she chewing on my sock?”

Auntie holds me still and pulls the sock away. What’s their problem? Can’t a girl enjoy life? I watch as Grandma picks something off the table.

“Maybe this will get her to be quiet for awhile,” she says. Grandma places a bone in front of me and one in front of Bubba.

I instantly chew mine. It’s gone before long and I look at Bubba. He’s still chewing delicately at his. What kind of man is he? I sneak up on him and steal it out of his mouth. As usual, he lets me. I’m just trying to teach him a life lesson here. I finish Bubba’s bone in seconds. All this chewing has made me tired. I look and see Auntie on the couch. Maybe a nap wouldn’t hurt.

I open my eyes when I hear the sound of Bubba eating. Why didn’t anyone wake me? I jump off the couch and join him in the kitchen. I hungrily attack my little bowl. As I finish, I lick it clean. Next to me Bubba is still eating. Grandma must have given him too much to eat. He won’t mind if I stick my little head in and help him eat it. As I stick my head in, he backs away. I knew he wouldn’t mind!

Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that much. My belly kinda hurts. No, it hurts a lot. I should go lay back down on the couch.

The next time I open my eyes, Mommy and Daddy are back. They see I’m awake and come to say hi to me. That’s good, because I don’t think I’d be able to move to see them. Mommy starts to rub my belly, which makes it feel a little better. But I still feel pretty heavy. And I really need to use the bathroom. I know I should be letting someone know I need to go out, but that would mean I’d have to move. They’ll understand if I have a little accident, right?

Mommy notices immediately, a frown developing on her face. “Belle! Bad girl!”

I hate it when she calls me a bad girl. She gets mad at me and I get into trouble. Getting into trouble isn’t fun. I won’t get treats for awhile. What if I don’t get to come and play with Bubba anymore? It’s not even my fault! My belly hurt. I didn’t want to move. It’s not like I did anything wrong. Maybe I did eat a little more than usual…



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