Where the Hell is My Sister?

Siblings are our first real friends. My little sister Fabie was my best friend. We are only three years apart and I enjoy having her around me. When we were younger she was ‍my partner in crime‍. ‍We would run around the house and play tag, play with barbies, do each other’s hair, play dress up and of course play tricks on our older sister Joanne. ‍We always had a great time together and we were inseparable.

When Fabie was going to start going to the same school with me my mother said,‍ “Kimberly, you are Fabie’s big sister and protector. It is your job to make sure you both get to school safely and come home safely together.” From that day on I made sure Fabie always sat next to me or near me on the bus to and from school.

One day, I got out of class late because I was taking a math exam that was extremely difficult. When I got on the bus it was overcrowded and extremely loud. I ‍saw Fabie all the way in the back with her friend Olivia‍ but there was no way I was going to get back there so I sat in the front.‍

When our stop came I rushed off the bus. I looked both ways before crossing the street and said “Let’s go home Fabie” and thought she was following me. The bus ‍takes ‍off and I didn’t hear any foot steps behind me. I turned around and Fabie wasn’t there. I stopped right in the middle of the sidewalk and started to panic. My heart was pounding and my face got hot. Did Fabie get off the bus? Was she even on the bus? Maybe mommy dismissed her for a doctor’s appointment and forgot to tell me. No that can’t be mommy would have told me. Oh my goodness, did I lose my little sister? No, maybe she’s home.

I gather my thoughts and come up with the conclusion that she was dismissed from school and that she was home so I started walking. ‍As I got closer my legs started to weigh heavy and my heart was beating uncontrollably fast. I decided to pray “God, please let Fabie be safe at home. PLEASE!” I reached my house and ‍walked slowly up the stair‍s. I didn’t have a key so I rang the bell and waited for my older sister, Joanne, to open the door. As soon as she opened ‍the door‍ I ‍said with a panicked voice‍ “Where’s Fabie?!” Puzzled, Joanne said “what do you mean where’s Fabie? She’s not with you?” My heart ‍‍sinks‍ into my but‍t and I heard my ‍father coming towards us. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHERE’S FABIE?! YOU LOST HER?!” he screams.

I was ‍lost ‍with words and started to cry. Did I really lose my little sister? My father, worried out of his mind, grabbed his coat and said “I’m going back to the school to see if she missed the bus” and then rushed out of the door. Joanne and I ‍impatiently‍ paced back and forth around the house. After about ten minutes, Joanne and I were startled by the doorbell ringing. We look at each other then raced over to open the door. I flung open the door open and saw Fabie’s five year old face covered with tears and snot.

“Where the heck were you?!” I screamed as I pulled her into the house and hugged her so tight. “I was on the bus and Olivia wouldn’t let me get off when our stop came. I looked up and then you were gone. So I just got off the next stop then walked home.” ‍A sense of relief came over me and I was so happy she was okay.‍

What if Fabie never came home…

Joanne opened the door and the first thing to come out of my mouth was “Where’s Fabie?” She looks at me with confusion. “Who’s Fabie?”‍ Huh? I wasn’t ready for that question.‍ “What do you mean who’s Fabie? Our sister Joanne!” I said as I pushed her out of my way ‍to get‍ into the house. She looks at me up and down “Kimmy, we don’t have a sister.” Am I going crazy?‍ I hear my dad’s footsteps coming closer to the door way. I run up the stairs to meet him‍. “Daddy, Joanne is talking nonsense. Do you know why Fabie wasn’t on the bus today?” My father gave me the same confused look Joanne did. “Who’s Fabie?”

My head started pounding. “Why are you guys saying that? Fabie is our little sister and your daughter!” I said pointing at them. They looked at each other and shook their heads with disappointment. My dad looked me in the eyes and said “Kimberly. You don’t have a little sister.” Suddenly the room started spinning and I felt woozy. My face became covered with sweat and my knees got weak. I grabbed onto the couch to keep my balance and said “What do you mean I don’t have a little sister?”

My sister walked over to my dad and whispered “Daddy she’s doing it again.” I ignored her comment and walked over to the family portrait. My mouth dropped and I felt like my heart stopped. Fabie was not there. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I frantically went from one picture to another looking for proof of Fabie’s existence. She wasn’t in any of the pictures. I didn’t know what to say or do. My heart was pounding and sweat was dripping down my face. My hands were shaking and I was just so confused. My dad and sister were staring at me “I’m not crazy!” I screamed. My father walked over and gentle touched my shoulder “I think we need to go see the doctor, Kimmy. This is the third time this week. You don’t have a little sister hunny.”

That night my father checked me into a mental institution …


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