Kaitlyn Kelly

Creative writing is somewhat new to me. I’ve dabbled throughout the years, but as an English major in the literature concentration, essays and criticisms are my bread and butter. I declared a writing minor last year and I couldn’t be happier. I’m graduating a week from today and I’m more nervous and excited than I ever would have expected. Completely cliché, but true. I’ll be continuing my education at the graduate program here at good old Umass Dartmouth on my journey to become a teacher. As for my writing, I’ve discovered that I enjoy infusing it with my past, my present, and where the future could leave me. I’ve enjoyed weaving the fictitious with the fact, and seeing where it could take me.

Other than school and the crushing weight of reality and student loans on my back, I’m a lover of the outdoors. I spend my summers swimming, running, and hiking (when I’m not waitressing). I try to get a few kayak trips in a week. I feel like these outdoor excursions have shaped me as a writer. I try to make scenes as visceral as possible to pull me back to that moment, to pull in the reader to see what I’ve seen and what I’d like to see. Writing a bio without sounding like I’m on a dating website or trying to talk myself up is difficult, so I’ll leave it here. Hopefully you enjoy the journey my work takes you on.


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