REMoir is a nascent hybrid genre that combines actual events or aspects from one’s life with fantasies or musings about those aspects or events. Hence REM — for the REM or dream cycle of sleep — with oir — from memoir.  Or, REMoir combines what was/what is with what if.

REMoir 2014 contains the work of Spring 2014 ENL 453 students at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The students of this capstone writing workshop composed weekly REMoirs of 1000 words, of which five, and perhaps more, are here published. Though some of the pieces may be far-fetched, each comes from a true source in the student’s past or present — an action, a belief — however distant the connection.

We hope that you enjoy what you read, and that, if you do, you will share this site with others.

Jerry Blitefield, REMoirist and instructor


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